What Is The Lamzac Hangout and Where does Lamzac come from?

The Lamzac Hangout is a moveable inflatable sofa. Its exclusive mouth plus inner pouch lets you seal it through air in a few seconds. It has a water-resistant nylon rip stop outside coating, measures 6.5’x 3′ while inflated plus has an extreme capacity of 440lb.What Is The Lamzac Hangout ?

What is Lamzac Hangout?

Lamzac create very easy as well as interesting camp out. You can take it all over the place outdoor actions due to its lesser backpack which fit in little bag.  Open carrier, fill air, your Lamzac Hangout is ready in just few mints which I would fit every place.

That is why at one while you will need equipping yourself through basic substances that substitutes your furniture necessities when you are outer the house. Fascinatingly, the necessities will most probably include wherever to sit on otherwise wherever to lie at afterward a bathe in a seashore or while posing out to catch-up through the warmness from the sun.


Lamzac Hangout is a nylon couch that you fairly open up as well as clasp the air in, close it plus fold the open end so as to the air is stuck inside. You are done! Time toward chill! It is that easy, and when you have it overblown, you can just cuddle yourself on topmost of it and let the persons around you get envious out of their earholes.

Where does Lamzac come from?

The Lamzac is the idea of Marijn Oomen who first offered the clue for the Lamzac on Dutch television-show the ¨Finest Idea of Holland¨ into 2010. After just hardly losing the TV demonstration contests Marijn decided toward start a firm and offer his exclusive invention to the community himself. With a suitable brand name “Lamzac” enthused through the Dutch word Lamzak for anidle person or factually an inactive bag the firm was off to a worthy start. Afterward selling many unique Lamzac “normal”, a new and enhanced version was settled last year named the Lamzac Hangout. Since auctions started the Lamzac hangout is showing to be an actual hit in the Netherlands plus abroad! Therefore we are certain that you moreover will relish this new item full of urge and uniqueness.

Where you could get Lamzac Hangout

You could get one (light blue) for just $59.99 above at Amazon, which is a cheap price from the $70.00 it used toward cost. If you want toward choose one of the additional colors you can just buy one off of Fatboy’s Lamzac Hangout webpage for $70.00 in its place. It is well worth the cash, and you would see that when you chill in it for the first time.

Should I buy one?

The Hangout is a contented seat otherwise sofa for two that you could fill with air inside seconds using our exclusive filling method. Whereas the hangout is big and comfortable while you use it, it is easily squashed and stored in a lesser package permitting you to take it any place you want! Meanwhile the lightweight however strong as well as sturdy fabric would ensure that you could use the Lamzac Hangout over plus over again.

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